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Buying Tips - A Lucas Texas Equestrian Home For You And Your Horses
March 4th, 2013 6:28 PM

Some of the smaller cities or towns in Collin County, Texas, where I live, may allow one horse per acre or even two horses per acre, in some cases, for rural residential ranch properties. However, if the property is within a deed restricted subdivision and has a homeowners association, the subdivisions deed restrictions and HOA will determine if horses are allowed at all, how many horses per acre or lot are allowed, and what other requirements must be met for horses to be kept on the same property with the horse owners residence or even within the subdivision if the owner purchases more than one lot. So, if the property being considered is in the city limits but not a subdivision, the city will be the one to determine what is allowed. If the property is in a deed restricted developed subdivision, the subdivision determines if horses are allowed, number, etc.

It is not uncommon in some of these areas where I have sold many equestrian properties for over 30 years such as the City of Lucas, Town of Fairview and City of Parker, to allow one horse per acre if the property is zoned for rural residential ranch estates and houses and is not located in a subdivision. However, having grown up in a rural area and with a family that owned and kept horses on our farm and ranch properties in the past, I learned from experience and from many equestrians and horse lovers over the years, that they recommend at least two acres of land per horse or more. Ideally, if you plan to have two horses, then a four acre estate lot or ranch estate would work well for two horses.

However, as I mentioned above, the most common number of horses allowed on the older ranch estate properties in the Lucas, Fairview and Parker areas has been one horse per acre. Some areas of course, don’t allow horses at all in the subdivisions and others may allow more horses per acre (some may allow 2 horses per acre).

This is one thing to keep in mind if you plan on having a specific number of horses and are in the market to buy a country estate home for you and your horses to be able to live together on the same acreage estate lot(s).

In the case of Lucas, Wylie, Parker and Fairview, some residents and horse back riders adapt to the smaller amount of acreage for a typical two-acre estate lot property by taking advantage of the 25.5 mile long trail on the Corps of Engineers land on Lake Lavon, maintained by the Trinity Trail Preservation Association (TTPA) to help their horses get adequate exercise, to bond, and to relax and enjoy the trails with other horse lovers.

I have already mentioned that size and zoning of the property being important, but other things to consider include the topography of the land and amount and type of plant life.

Although I have seen properties that allow horses in areas where there are deep creeks and low lying flood plains, generally these are not as good of choices for horses. Generally, more level land works best with some large shade trees and natural pasture that is free from plants that may be poisonous to horses.

Of course, if the property is large enough for a pond or shared pond, that would be a great plus, and don’t forget to have the water checked to make sure it is safe and healthy for them. In existing properties, often there would be water already available at the barn where the horse are kept, either city water or in larger tracts it could be well water. Again, in the case of well water, don’t forget to get it tested to assure it is healthy.

The type, size, age and facilities available in an existing barn as well as the type and amount of fencing and fenced areas are all important in any resale properties for sale. If the country estate property being considered does not already have existing barn and fencing suitable for keeping and maintaining your horses, then the costs of building these on the existing acreage lot and any deed restrictions and building requirements for doing so are another major consideration before entering into a purchase contract to buy.

One last thing I would like to mention is to try to meet the neighbors or at least observe if they might be horse friendly neighbors and are already keeping their own horses on the other acreage properties that are near you. If they are horse friendly, and the other items already mentioned are in your favor, then you might have found the “right place” for your next home and one where you and your horses can truly enjoy “home sweet country home.”

Although I mentioned the Lucas, Fairview, Parker, and Wylie areas as being some of the favorite areas of Collin County that are close-in to the Dallas Metroplex where acreage homes and home sites may be available for sale that do allow horses, there are other cities and towns to consider that too offer some of the best opportunities in North Texas to own or build an equestrian property. I have sold horse properties in McKinney, Celina and Prosper, and these areas all offer existing equestrian homes or acreage estate lots for building a new country estate home in areas that are designed for having horses. In some cases the number of acres per lot may be larger and will accommondate keeping more horses on the property. Celina and McKinney are great choices for finding larger acreage estate properties, lots and home sites.

If you are in the market to buy or sell an equestrian home, we would appreciate your consideration in choosing Jeanie Elliott Realtors, as your broker of choice and country property specialist for Collin County, Texas. Please give us a call today at 972-612-2277 to discuss our special seller or buyer client services. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and providing you with experienced, professional assistance in helping you locate, buy, lease or sell a country estate home or horse property in Lucas, Fairview, Parker, Lovejoy ISD, McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Wylie and  North Texas.  Some of the equestrian homes for sale in Lucas that we have just sold in 2012 are listed below:

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