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 Lovejoy ISD Ranks #7 - Texas School District Rankings

 *Rankings based on most recent information from the National Center For

     Education Statistics,  U.S. Department of Education & The Texas Education

     Agency - per SchoolDigger.com's website.  Lovejoy Independent School

    District ranked 7th place out of 942 Texas school districts.



 Printed By Star Local News - January 15, 2013:


 New Lucas TX Walmart To Open This Spring



Printed From US News:

 Lovejoy ISD - Lucas TX - Best High School



  Latest News On Lucas Private Schools:


 Private Schools USA - Lucas Christian Academy 


 LocalSchoolAcademy.com - Lucas Christian Academy  


 News About Lovejoy ISD Schools & Lovejoy High School:


 Lovejoy High School Wins HEB Excellence In Education Award - 2012 


 H-E-B Names Winners In H-E-B 2012 Execellence In Education Awards

  Lovejoy High School - Lucas, TX   (Reprinted From Reuters)


 Grants Awarded For The 2012 - 2013 School Year - $200,000  - Lovejoy ISD


   Reprinted from:  FoundationForLovejoySchools.org


  Lovejoy ISD - Most Attractive School Districts - MSN Real Estate News - 2012 


   More News Coming Soon...





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